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those days and nights - they went flyin' by

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10/4/05 08:28 pm

I was so so surprised when I opened up TIME today and saw aaron.
I squealed. and then my mom and I laughed about how great it would have been if it had said where he was from, and then our town would have been all disgruntled about how its claim to fame was being mentioned in the "gay teens" cover story of TIME. and I would have loved it.

anyway, here are the pictures that I squee'd over.
unfortunately, he wasn't on the cover. that would have been awesome.

this is staying public because I love the whole thing.

8/31/04 06:28 pm

I have about 5 extra gmail invites, due to my friends having absolutely no interest in gmail. If anyone wants one, comment.

6/12/04 07:36 pm


check it out.

2/4/04 04:08 pm

this is a friends-only journal... if you want me to friend you, comment to this or email me.
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